Research interests

I use supply chain and operations management tools to improve access to pharmaceutical drugs. I use empirical research techniques to answer questions in two main areas -

  • Drug innovation - This stream aims at providing patients access to safe and effective novel drugs. Some examples include managing speed-quality trade-offs in the approval of novel drugs and strategic implications of operational transparency on drug novelty

  • Drug shortages - This stream aims at improving resilience in the generic drugs supply chain. Some examples include using operational transparency to manage panic buying and manufacturing quality failures as drivers of drug shortages

Working papers

Tyagi, H., Hermosilla M. and Shah R. The impact of transparency on risk-taking in NPD. Preparing the manuscript for submission to Management Science

Tyagi, H. and Shah R. Can regulatory approval speed impact product safety?. Preparing the manuscript for submission to Management Science

  • Finalist - Best OSCM student’s paper award at the Academy of Management Annual Conference 2021

Tyagi, H., Lee J. and Shah R. The unintended consequences of external quality failure: Evidence from the US pharmaceutical industry. Analyzing data

Tyagi, H. and Shah R. Pharmaceutical drug shortages: A literature review. Preparing the manuscript for submission to Production and Operations Management

Tyagi, H. and Shah R. Empirical investigation of panic buying - the role of transparency. Collecting data

Peer-reviewed articles (before Ph.D.)

Deo, S., Tyagi, H., Chatterjee, C. and Molakapuri, H., 2020. Did India’s price control policy for coronary stents create unintended consequences?. Social Science & Medicine, 246, p.112737.

Tyagi, H., Sabharwal, M., Dixit, N., Pal, A. and Deo, S., 2020. Leveraging Providers’ Preferences to Customize Instructional Content in Information and Communications Technology–Based Training Interventions: Retrospective Analysis of a Mobile Phone–Based Intervention in India. JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 8 (3), p.e15998.

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